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سبد خرید

منابع آزمون ورودی دوره کارشناسی ارشد فیزیوتراپی سال تحصیلی ۱۴۰۰ -۱۳۹۹

درس فیزیوتراپی در بیماری های اعصاب، داخلی۱و۲(قلبی- ریوی- روماتیسمی و پوستی):

Manual of physical therapy- Payton-

Longman انتشارات (Clinics in physical therapy (series)-

Common Musculoskeletal Disorders – Kessler 1996-

Tidy’s physiotherapy-

(Neurological rehabihitation (umphred-

درس بیومکانیک ۱و۲و۳:

Joint Structure and Function: A Comprehensive Analysis By Pam Levangie and Cynthia Norkin-

   Management of Common Musculoskeletal Disorders: Physical Therapy Principles and Methods (Management of Common Musculoskeletal      Disorders) by Randolph M. Kessler and Darlene Hertling

The Physiology of the joints: volume 1, 2, 3 By Ibrahim Adalbert Kapandji-

Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System: Foundations for- Rehabilitation, by Donald A. Neumann

درس ارزشیابی و اندازه گیری: 

Muscle Testing and Function- Kendal-

Muscle Testing and Function- Daniels-

(Measuring of the joint range of motion and muscle length (Reese-

درس تمرین درمانی ۱و۲و۳:

 Therapeutic exercise for body alignment and function By Lucille Daniels Catherine Worthingham-

Therapeutic Exercise: Foundations and Techniques By Carolyn Kisner, Lynn Allen Colby-

Muscles: testing and function with posture and pain By Florence Peterson Kendall, Elizabeth Kendall McCreary, Patricia Provance-

Clinical decision making in therapeutic exercise Patricia E. Sullivan- Prudence D. Markos-

(Therapeutic Exercise(Bandey-
(Physical Rehabilitation(o’sullibivan-
(Clciuiv of deeicion making in therapeutic exercise(O Sullivan-

درس الکتروتراپی ۱و۲:

Electrotherapy- Nelson-
Electrotherapy- Clyton-
(….,Electrotherapy Explained principle & practice(Robertson & ward & low-

درس ارتزو پروتز:


Rose Fgarlat Myers. Saunders Manual of Physical Therapy-

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